Fiberglass & Gel-Coat Repair

Detailing a boat is all about doing the little things that make a big difference to clients. When JL BoatWorks gets down to work on repair of fiberglass and gel coating, our professional boat detailing team strives for perfection with each and every work assignment.

We understand that leaving even a small flaw behind on your boat can make or break the job. Let JL BoatWorks make sure all of those small imperfections are fully addressed before they evolve into a larger problem. We are more than willing to complete a free estimate for you. Please feel free to contact us for more information and to schedule an appointment.

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  • Testimonials

    In 2005, the Port of Sunnyside Club, Inc. made the decision to scale back the operation of the marina and embrace the use of Outside Contractors to perform the work we would no longer offer to our boaters. This decision has turned out to be the best possible business model for the marina, but it could not have been possible without the efforts of companies like JL BoatWorks. Our Outside Contractors are a direct reflection of our marina operation. We need to make sure our Outside Contractors work with the same integrity as we do. I often explain to my boaters that the reason JL BoatWorks is here at the marina working on their boats is because I have complete confidence in their ability to perform the work and to stand behind their work. Jason Longnecker, the owner of JL BoatWorks, visits the marina and checks all of the boats his company shrink-wrapped after every snow storm. It is this kind of dedication that makes me comfortable recommending JL BoatWorks to our boaters for any of the services they offer.

    - Rick Chapman - General Manager, Port of Sunnyside Club, Inc.
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