Industrial Shrink-Wrap

With a proven track record of industrial shrink-wrapping for over ten years, JL BoatWorks is sure to provide your equipment, boat, product and materials with protection for transportation and/or storage. Industrial shrink-wrapping is a cost-effective and efficient way of protecting just about anything.

Industrial shrink-wrap service covers, but is not limited to:

  • Building materials for storage
  • Trailers for storage
  • Large cranes for transportation and/or storage
  • Large and/or small equipment to be shipped overseas by boat or air
  • Large quantities of palletized material such as salt, grain feed, livestock feed, etc.
  • Rail cars
  • Street and building signs prior to shipment and/or storage
  • Buildings - new construction, renovations, storm damage, flood damage
  • Roofs, walk ways, and side walls on construction projects
  • Cars, trucks, planes, buses, RVs for storage and transportation
  • Boats and boat parts for storage and transportation
JL BoatWorks can shrink-wrap just about anything. Please contact us if you have any specific needs or questions in regards to what you want shrink-wrapped.


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    I wanted to drop you a note congratulating you on completing 15 years of excellent service to our 41 Chris Craft and our current 53 Ocean Motor Yacht. Throughout all the years, you and your staff have provided excellent services detailing our vessels by not only weekly washings, but state of the art waxing and polishing.  We have also had our hand rails refinished and varnished and have been completely satisfied. Your shrink services have also been top notch, with no problems during the winter months. We will continue to use JL BoatWorks in the coming years.

    - Jerry Burns
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