Marine Shrink-Wrap

As a preferred vendor for the boat shrink-wrapping services at many of the marinas along the St. Croix River Valley between Minnesota and Wisconsin. The professional staff at JL BoatWorks is ready and willing to take care of your boat for the winter months ahead. Our boat shrink-wrapping program has been tested and proven for more than 15 years with hundreds of satisfied clients. JL BoatWorks’ experience is sure to guide and protect your boat through another winter.

Our staff invites you to find out more about us and contact us for more information and an estimate. Here at JL BoatWork we are always willing to provide prospective customers with a free estimate and demonstrate our wealth of experience.

  • We have over 15 yrs of shrink-wrap experience!
  • JL BoatWorks is a preferred vendor at multiple marinas in the St.Croix River Valley.
  • We offer customized contour framing to accommodate the specific needs of your boat.
  • We will provide constant watch of your boat over the long winter months.
  • Our shrink-wrap covers are ventilated to help eliminate moisture and mildew concerns.
  • Shrink-wrap is more durable than tarps and/or canvas and allows snow and ice to slide off the boat prior to damaging build up.
  • Shrink-wrap is cost effective. Our durable, UV protected shrink-wrap helps stop the hot sun from damaging your gel coat, seats and canvas.
  • Shrink-wrap provides an extra layer of security against vandalism and theft.

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    I have been utilizing the services of JL BoatWorks for 14 years. They take care of 100% of my exterior maintenance, from the Spring waxing to the Fall shrink-wrapping (and any repairs that may be required in between). They have also been able to assist on major projects such as installing my hydraulic swim platform. If you are sensitive to the appearance and condition of your investment, and are looking for highly professional service, done on schedule, at competitive prices, I would highly recommend JL BoatWorks.

    - Len Kirk, Lady K
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